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Originally Posted by replenish&subdue View Post
Where you can learn is that ALL the chemical heads (Tru-green,Scotts,little chem.heads...)wouldn't touch the products you listed to prevent crabgrass but use Prodiamine or Pendulum.
OK r&s.

Originally Posted by replenish&subdue View Post
And as Barry provided Prodiamine is safe at home plate.
Really? So now we have reduced your statement concerning any pre-emergent herbicides to the single herbicide Prodiamine to control crabgrass. Have it your way.
Fetal toxicity at high dose levels (rats); development and maternal toxicity observed
at 1 g/kg/day.
Liver (alteration and enlargement) and thyroid effects (hormone imbalances) at high
does levels (rats); decreased body weight gains.
Benign thyroid tumors (rat). None observed (mouse).
SUMMARY OF EFFECTS: Highly toxic to fish and invertebrates. Practically non-toxic to birds and bees.

Furthermore, the EPA lists it as a possible/probable human carcinogen (ref) and if you look at the EPA registration docket, you will find not only is it still open/pending approval, but there is an alarming amount of data/studies that have yet to be conducted.

But hey .... it's OK to use (test) this product on an unsuspecting environment and population.
Safe at home base ..... I think not.

Again, no point in continuing here because you (like others) will tell yourself whatever you need in order to feel good/justified about using synthetics because short term gains will always outweigh long term consequences.
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