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Originally Posted by HayBay View Post
Pesticides are Federally Regulated.
How long has tobacco been federally regulated?

Spining the facts is exactly what you and jay feldman (Beyond Pesticides) do daily.

Associating yourself with Pesticide Advocacy groups and selling Cavalcade. Funny stuff.

Generating money from NOFA courses (on the premise that synthetic pesticides are dangerous) , having a Speaker talk about the importance of LABEL Safety and how following the label is critical, then 1 hour later talking about how great FIESTA herbicide is, but knowing full well label directions are not going to happen.
Funny Funny.....

You really don't know what its like to be organic in the lawn care industy.
You have pesticides as a backup.
Stop selling synthetic pesticides and prove to all of us you know what your are saying.

I associate with both advocacy and industry groups. When I do, I try to help them understand that they may have more in common than they think. I believe there is a lot of misinformation coming from both directions. I prefer to see people work together in problem solving, unfortunately that is not the norm these days.

The fees we charge for our classes are used to cover the costs for room rental, speaker fees, free lunch and promotion. There is no profit, but yes we do hope to gain clients from these events.

Following the label is the Law, why would we not include this information in these classes? Fiesta not working? We have several clients who would disagree with that comment. FYI, due to further research completed this year, the 2012 Fiesta label will have a lower rate.

When we were an applicator company, the only pesticides we used were EPA Exempt Minimum Risk and/or approved for use by the NOP. This program was successful in providing our residential clients with beautiful healthy lawns that did have some weeds.

As a supply company we offer organic, natural and transitional programs for the professional. Prodiamine and Fiesta are the only EPA registered pesticides we sell. Our goal is to greatly reduce the amount of pesticides that are overused by the industry. We prefer to do so without additional legislation such as has happened in Canada. We think a better model is with education and using effective products at comparative costs.
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