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Originally Posted by joef450snowplow View Post
na lol i love this work spring nd fall clean ups my fav, lol nice rnt u lucky lol i got my trailer 5x8 that i use for my quads right now and my buddy lets me use his 550 mason dump that he doesnt use other then to plow with and by the summer i should have my 2011 f350 <post some pics man
Yeah lol,same here spring and fall cleanup power raking and core aeration..sweet i like my 99' f350 it is get dually the longer bed i need a plow but not for the season in a few years next will be a powerrake bluebird or billygoat something of that i got the rackem catcher on the scag its a older one not new and yeah bagging with the paper bags not the black plastic not really of fan of the plastic didnt really like it..nice if you have a dump which i see guys have the brute or similar like 32 gal and dump leaves,bush/tree trimmimgs,mowing clippings and dump in the dump and reuse no need for the bags it seems efficent and yes i will try.
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