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You're probably right. But you are making some leaps of faith in coming to the conclusions you are drawing from a few of the facts you have right.

I'm sorry that the pesticide regulations in Canada have made you so bitter. I do hope the US does not follow this direction.

If you have followed my posts here through the years you should be aware that I am not opposed to a few applications of pesticides as long as the program is not being promoted as "organic". I do believe that soil health and good cultural practices greatly reduce the need for most pesticide applications. I also believe that the current overuse of pesticides is detrimental to the environment and our health. I do not believe this puts me in the same category as a fear mongering anti-pesticide activist.

I also believe it is good business practice for the independent lawn care companies to stop listening to what is being fed to them by chemical manufacturers and learn how to provide healthy lawns without relying so heavily on pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

I bear no ill feelings towards you and I will ask you to show the same courtesy towards me. At least I place my name on my posts.
Barry Draycott

The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
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