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Originally Posted by docjones View Post
Do yourself a favor and go look at Maruyama trimmers. Stihl are too heavy and people are stuck on them because of the name "Stihl". Shindiawa has gone down hill since Echo buyout. As far as I know Husqvarna owns Redmax and makes many Sears brand trimmers. So if you really want a Husqvarna, go find a Sears and take a coupon with ya. Maruyama is making some darn good equipment. For those who like the Speed Feed head on Shindaiwa, Maruyama makes a similar speed feed which IMO is better designed and quicker to load. They also have a 5 year commercial warranty. Check'em out.
no offense but marayama suck! Gutless, and heavy. My dealer pushed them real hard and now they are all coming back. Seems the new ones are worse than the older. He is now Going to stop carrying their trimmers. I tried demoing one last summer and the thing just has no power.
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