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boozoo, <br>I just got an e-mail reply from Grasshopper. They say that the spec for the oil is &quot;proprietary&quot;. In other words, go take a leap. It's a pretty sad state of affairs,when after I have boughten 2 grasshoppers, a company like grasshopper feels that their bottom line is threatened by someone who wants to buy something other than their brand of oil. Come on, they don't &quot;make&quot; the oil. They just buy it from some oil company and slap their label on it an then charge 2 or 3 hundred percent more than it's worth! Even though I love my hopper, when it wears out I'm gonna look for a Dixie Chopper or some other brand that the company who makes it &quot;cares&quot; for the person who buys their product.<p>Ed
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