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Originally Posted by HBFOXJr View Post
This is speculation on my part, but I feel people read these post and once informed go in to denial. There is a ton of fear about raising prices and/or using the numbers they find for their company.

There is too much emphasis put on the going rate and what people will pay. That is relevant, but should never determine what you charge. What people will pay or can afford to pay has nothing to do with our cost of doing business.

So perhaps, some consumers really can't afford what we do at the price we need. This business is not necessarily viable in every neighborhood across the country. The only reason there are so many of us greenies out there, is too many subsidize the clients desire with their own sweat and money.

As a viable business owner, the client needs to provide for us via our services, not the other way around.
I sort of agree with this, but here's my counter point....

Although we (the business owner) determine what our costs are to do business, that does not mean we drive the market. Supply and demand drives the market. So even if it costs you $60/hour to do business, it doesn't mean you're going to stay in business if the local market doesn't support it. At that point, the business owner needs to make a decision to either fold or figure out a way to do business cheaper to survive.

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