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I noticed your post when you first made it but didn't respond because I figured you would be swamped with guys wanting to do your site.

I can recommend someone who would do a great site for you reasonably. Probably less than what I see quoted here. During the day he works full time for a company doing their website but moonlights and does sites for extra money. I am a director of the hydroseeding association and he did our association site for not much more than the figures you have been quoted and that runs like 30 pages with a lot of extra stuff. You can take a peek at the hydroseeding association website for an example of his work. the URL is He does the websites for our members as well using a standard template and does those for almost nothing ( $ 99.00 for members) but can do custom sites as well. He has also done some other sites in the green industry.

If you would like his contact info pm me and I will give it to you.
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