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Originally Posted by SDLandscapes VT View Post
the dw sk650 could easily double the work of an MT
How? The ground speed is exactly the same. The weight of the mt55 and dw650 is exactly the same. The Dw has a 650 roc and the mt55 has 550 roc. Dw has 13.5 gpm hydro flow and the bobcat has 12gpm flow.

How is a dw going to double productivity over a mt55? I can see it being slightly better, but as far as seeing an actual difference in the bottom line... I don't see it.

On paper the performance of a dw is 10% better than the mini skids. Reliability? Who knows.

The best roi would be buying the best used deal. I think I would rather spend 5-10k on a lower hour mini skid than 20k on a new dw.
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