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Originally Posted by meets1 View Post
I have looked - thing is - hours rake up - or tracks are bad, or beat up. There are a few DW out there as well. The more I have researched these things, with all yourh elp as well, the DW seems to me like the machine to get. I like toro, BC, machines as we have rented them along with the dw but I am getting the vid on here that dw may be the way to go??
I think the dw is probably slightly better. I have owned Toro, bobcat, boxer and vermeer mini skids. And my favorite is the cheapest one. I don't think I could spend 20k on a new one, when you can buy a used toro dingo tx425 with 500 hrs for 6k. You could replace the motor 4 times and it would still be cheaper than a new dw650. Is a 10% performace increase worth the 14k difference? What is roi on that 14k? 5 years?
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