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[QUOTE=rsp1961;4224160]Or you save everyone the time and state what you have to have out of it. I never understood haggling. I personally do not care for it at all. If I am selling something, I know what I have to have for it, and I'll state "price firm". I am not a salesman or a professional buyer and therefore have no desire to spend any more time or energy "negotiating". Some people enjoy that, but I personally think most of us lawn type personalities are no nonsense types that just want to know the price so we can figure out if we can afford it or not. Just my opinion, and may be helpful in your sale. Who knows.

Bottom dollar is when the maximum price you're willing to pay equals the lowest price I'm willing to take. Sometimes, that price takes a little 'haggling' to work out as each the buyer and seller can change his mind depending on the seriousness of each to make a deal. I prefer to have that discussion over the phone. Call me old-fashioned...
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