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...Just in case you're interested, I've owned and used several of the following makes and models of mini skids over the past several years: Bobcat MT50 & 52, Dingo 420tx & 425tx, Boxer 224tx and 532dx, Vermeer 600tx and Ditch Witch sk500 and sk650.

Adding to the aforementioned comment - I'd like to think of myself as more knowledgeable than dealership or someone who merely 'flips' equipment that they buy on auction as I've actually field tested each of the mini skids or attachments that I sell. How many dealerships or 'flippers' do that? I at least know what I'm selling.

I'll also add this - a month ago. I sold adingo 425tx mini skid to a large landscaping company. It was sold As-Is with no warranty. I also sold a rotary broom to this company. Two weeks and about 20 hours of use later, the engine apparently blew. I know this because I called to follow up on how it was working out. Without being asked to do so, I offered to help cover the cost of the engine rebuild. If I sell something, I will be honest about any defects up front. If someone feels they got the short end of the stick, I'll do what I can to correct the situation.
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