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It's really moot since each City has it's own standard, with the State establishing the base which is the DCVA. Light House Point, Boca Raton, Ocean Ridge, WPB (as examples)require the PCB's and require an annual test.

Most communities down here require at Combo valve on city water irrigation installations (very few manifolds on city water), hose bibs require back flow devices. None of these need to be tested.

The device you show costs way more than the $20.00 or so quoted, and is sold in Orlando.

Can't say how they do it on the Panhandle... or North Florida, or california, or NY, etc.

Sort of like how we have to wire a pump installation to the breaker panel... Concrete block construction, no insulation, firring strips, 1" rock wool & sheet rock, no room to pull wire... different.

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