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Growing up in the 50's through 70's many people worked sat and sundays. Matter of fact as blue laws were repeeled more and more business' opened on sundays.

Also even today many people still work christmas eve and new years eve.

I remember when my dad went from private industry to civil service he went from 6 holidays to 12. To this day many in the private sector still only get 6 paid holidays.

Landscaping 99.99% of the time the work can be put off. A hospital can't. If one was to do snow removal well the nature of that buisness does not let that work get put off.

Thing is I would work the day after, and as with most people and most holidays people have to work so I can't see a customer not wanting landscaping done just because it's the day after a holiday.

A day that is not used to make money. One can never get that day or money that lost money back.

As one gets near retirement age and realize that there is not enough money to retire and not enough years left to earn enough.
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