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Originally Posted by fairwaymowing View Post
how big is your trailer, a 12 footer? Tiny for a tandem but they pull way better than a single. Nice work brother. Thanks for the post. I started just as you focusing on maintenance but with a background with planting installation grabbed everyone I could. Now I focus on them and hardscapes....keep up the good work!
Thanks man. I like my trailer. bought it used at the beginning of the season, it's an upgrade from my 5x10 single axle. It has electric brakes, but something is off with the wiring in my dash, i'm not getting any juice for the brakes at the tail end of my truck, I'll figure it out this winter. As for pulling easier, it's debatable. It's harder on the tires and more difficult on tight turns, but other than that i love it. Good luck to you.

Originally Posted by THEGOLDPRO View Post
Everything looks great man.
Thanks for checking out my thread.
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