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Originally Posted by Cat_246B View Post
I'm also going to use a mini excavator if the need arises, and a trencher that I can get from my neighbor. Should I rent a machine until I start to get a lot of business or just buy a machine?
I started renting my skid and mini skid until I was renting them enough that the inconvenience and rental fees were more than my payments would be. Thats when I decided to buy. There are many things to take into consideration such as with a rental you don't have to worry about maintance or paying for repairs. Look at most large construction companies doing big jobs, half of there eqipment have rental company logos on them. I still rent a mini ex because I don't use one enough to justify buying it

As far as what I charge, it is between 100-150 an hour depending on what we are doing and the area of the state I am working.
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