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no closes yesterday. but I have one today that hopefully is in the bag. had a bad day yesterday as far as trucks. two of my boxvans went down, one with metal to metal on the front rotor, which is at the mechanic, and one with what looks like a broken crankshaft that is currently on the off ramp of interstate 540. need to get it towed, but not sure where to tow it to other than the shop. asked my mechanic to take a look at it to see if it is worth saving.

funny how you can pay folks 1000 bucks each time here and there to work on 6 trucks over the years, and when you ask them, even say you will pay them to just go and look at something they look at you as if you have grown horns. "you want me to go look at it?" yes, I said, I need to know if this is a repair or a replacement of the engine. I explained exactly what I saw, what it did, and he said it is either a broken crankshaft or one other thing that is fixable. but he seemed like he might be willing to go take a peek last night. but I have no idea if he did.

working out the logistics of going from 4 to 2 trucjs right here at the end is not so bad, I will bring my truck into the mix and I rented a car last night to do bids. the brakes should be fixed on the other boxvan today and will be back in the mix tomorrow with my truck, and we should be good to finish most installs by friday or saturday and be done with most of the crazyness.

I hope. but I always try to post when I have problems so you guys know my life and business are not always peaches and cream. I don't really like peaches anyway.
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