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Originally Posted by MowingMowingMowing View Post
Perhaps I didn't come across as I intended.

I was just pointing out that I don't use Christmas cards as a way to retain customers. I truly enjoy the holiday and meeting briefly with all of the customers. Regarding rapport, I didn't mean it on solely a business level, I enjoy interacting and catching up with the customers during this time as well. A good amount of my customers are elderly and/or widowed, so just having someone stop by and give them something and talk with them makes their day.

I am a Christian, but just choose not to try and push any of my beliefs on people, I let them decide on their own terms.

I've yet to run into a customer that doesn't celebrate Christmas, most are either elderly or middle aged families. This is also why I had not put any thought into the Wiccan reference.
Originally Posted by nepatsfan View Post
I would be worried about sending cards to people that dont celebrate christmas. I dont have a religion box when people sign up for service
I am Canadian and I celebrate Christmas that is what the majority of us in Canada do. I am not forcing anything on anyone I am just celebrating my beliefs. If you don't want to celebrate Christmas that is fine but NO ONE has the right to stop me or anyone else from celebrating when and or how we choose.I am not a overly religious person, I find people that spout the Bible every time they open their mouth are just pompous bores and are the major problem in this world, Believe what you will but keep the preaching to yourself and enjoy life and LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR.
If any of my customers feel they need to say something to me about it .........well I don't need them as a customer that bad.
Its not that I'm against anyone else I believe if they want to celebrate their way I will support their right to do it and I believe most think the same way.
Sorry for the rant but This whole Happy Holidays vs Merry Christmas is a load.

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