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I was checking your profile and I see that you are kinda young but I like your motivation.
First thing to identify is exactly what sort of work you will be doing or want to do. Find out what the demand could be for what you want to offer. In my town everybody wants to mow the grass but no one wants to pick up trash. I make a decent amount of steady revenue picking up trash and emptying trash cans on commercial sites.
It's nice to have access to equipment to do a variety of jobs but don't box yourself in. a skid steer is a valuable tool but not the end all. In fact most of the time a skidsteer is the wrong tool but a lot of people buy into one and then can't be flexible. Remember,ANYTIME YOU BORROW A PIECE OF EQUIPMENT,RETURN IT IN BETTER SHAPE(CLEAN) AND FULL OF FUEL WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED! Equipment costs a lot of money to buy,own and maintain. Be sure to be grateful to those that help you make some money,whether it's equipment,or an opportunity. Get as much seat time on sny piece as you possible can whether or not there is always a chance to make money. watch others and don't be afraid to ask. we all have been there too at some time or another!
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