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If and when you get your boat floating,you'll need liability,workman's comp(to do any commercial work or if you hire employees) and an umbrella policy is a good idea.

It takes capital(money) to do jobs so do whatever you can to build some cash flow. That means put as money in the bank from doing other work to have the necesary cash to do bigger jobs. most folks like to pay when the job is done and won't float you the money up front. also,while a homeowner may pay you right away,sometimes commercial jobs take awhile to get paid. Know what the terms are before doing the work.

and you have to have your own infrastructure. rarely are you able to do any job with just one tool. You'b be suprised at how much money you can spend on just a shovel(s),rake,pushbroom.

always remember to show up when you say you will,do the best job you know how and remember to say thanks. someone CHOSE you to do the work,be professional,grateful and enthusiastic about THEIR job!

Good Luck
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