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Honestly, you can't make it with just a skid steer and a mini excavator, my business FAILED after 8 years of having just a skid steer, and not enough work to keep myself busy, take my advice, run like hell from your own business and go work for some one else. All it takes is a few low ballers and bad customers and your business will hemorrhage money, operating costs will be at par with what you take in, even at $70 per hour, I was charging that much and it still failed. My brother charges $85 for his Cat 277C and he's not rolling in cash with that machine, it's only because he has 3 other machines paid for that he can afford to keep it, he was pretty much forced to buy his own truck, trailer, and skid steer after I sold everything.
“The only difference between a pigeon and a farmer today
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