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Originally Posted by GreenIndustryAssociates View Post
It all depends on how you are getting your business. I do a lot of subcontract work for a few different contractors, that keeps my machine going. During the winter my machines will be just as busy.
What would entice these prime contractors to hire someone just starting out with one machine and no experience?

The only thing I know of is price, not a good way to get started if you can avoid it.

As a sub contractor you will have to offer a lot to compete with his current sub's. The good General Contractors that pay your invoice on time already has experienced well equipped sub contractors fighting for his business.

How did I start out, first I worked for general contractors that never paid me or took for ever. Did this so I could build a reputation and learn how to not only do the work but deal with GC's. Then I purchased a mini ex, dump trail, small dump truck, trailer, dozer, larger ex, hand tools, shop and the list goes on and on.

After a while you start to do work for better and better GC's and it gets easier. The residential is the only work that pays you before or as you do the work in my experience. Hard to get enough of that to keep skid and even a mini going unless you are doing landscape, hard scape, masonry etc.

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