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To David---sorry to hear about the truck problems. That's no fun. This is the 1st year both of our vehicles went into the shop during the season...ugh. Thankfully they were each in and out in a day and I could snag a truck from my parents' business to help us out. I like to read about your issues - partly because it helps to reassure me I'm not the only one running crazy. Over the past couple days, I keep telling Carlos, "This is the year...this is the year I'm gonna lose it and go insane -- LOL." Phones are still ringing but I'm telling people we are booked for this season...we are booked until the end of next week with work - plus the boat will take a lot of work to get ready for the parade on the 10th. We have added some more "decorating work" -- decorated garland around the door, decorated wreaths...that type of thing. But we just can't take on more installs this year and still keep whatever small fraction of sanity still left. And you're right -- once the timers go on - the service calls pour in. Although I'm thankful the list is pretty short as of right now. Unfortunately tomorrow I do have to drive an hour to an HOA to fix lights/garland that some kids decided to cut down (ugh!!) - but at least that's billable.

To yard_smart : what type of commercial accounts? How did you land them?? We do some commercial -- but they have come from referrals - and we would love to increase the commercial side.
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