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Originally Posted by Ducke View Post
I am Canadian and I celebrate Christmas that is what the majority of us in Canada do. I am not forcing anything on anyone I am just celebrating my beliefs. If you don't want to celebrate Christmas that is fine but NO ONE has the right to stop me or anyone else from celebrating when and or how we choose.I am not a overly religious person, I find people that spout the Bible every time they open their mouth are just pompous bores and are the major problem in this world, Believe what you will but keep the preaching to yourself and enjoy life and LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR.
If any of my customers feel they need to say something to me about it .........well I don't need them as a customer that bad.
Its not that I'm against anyone else I believe if they want to celebrate their way I will support their right to do it and I believe most think the same way.
Sorry for the rant but This whole Happy Holidays vs Merry Christmas is a load.

Originally Posted by DRM Ventures View Post
I don't care what or if my customers celebrate Christmas......I do!.....therefore they get Merry Christmas cards.........

Its never been a problem.......and there is no law against oooffffeeeeeennnnddddiiinng anyone!

I am so tired of this "I would be concerned about people who don't celebrate Christmas" crap......
Originally Posted by JB1 View Post
you have to remember, some people like to make more out of this than what it is.
The reason why we would do it is for the purpose of a good will gesture to our customers. Some of you might be out spreading the word and going door to door christmas caroling and professing your love for the lord but that isn't why we would do it.

For me it's business and that's it. I would feel like it's a nice gesture if it was sent to me. I am not sure if some people would. Do I care what they think? You bet your a$$ I do. People spend a lot of money with us and I feel like if even 5-10 customers might look at it and have adverse feelings about it then I'm not going to do it. The people who would/could be offended by this have one thing in common with me and every customer I have....the same green money. I am in business to make money, it is a service industry, you have to keep customers happy. I could give two sh$ts about christmas myself, I always give out more than I receive and despite the old saying, it isn't better.

That being said I may do the seasons greetings thing this year.
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