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Originally Posted by DRM Ventures View Post
I don't care what or if my customers celebrate Christmas......I do!.....therefore they get Merry Christmas cards.........

Its never been a problem.......and there is no law against oooffffeeeeeennnnddddiiinng anyone!

I am so tired of this "I would be concerned about people who don't celebrate Christmas" crap......
I agree 110%.
what next ????
Can't fly your Countries Flag because it might offend your neighbour.

Just an example: If I go to India I don't go into a restaurant demanding a BEEF Burger or go around Dubai drinking BEER its just common sense "When in Rome do as the Romans do".
I'm just tired of having to bend over and take it up the @$$ by every frigging
idiot that come's here from some god awful dessert country. If you don't like it where you are do something about it, but don't come here to where I am happily living and try to change the way I live.

Once again sorry for the Rant but this just makes my blood boil.
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