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Originally Posted by Ducke View Post
I agree 110%.
what next ????
Can't fly your Countries Flag because it might offend your neighbour.

Just an example: If I go to India I don't go into a restaurant demanding a BEEF Burger or go around Dubai drinking BEER its just common sense "When in Rome do as the Romans do".
I'm just tired of having to bend over and take it up the @$$ by every frigging
idiot that come's here from some god awful dessert country. If you don't like it where you are do something about it, but don't come here to where I am happily living and try to change the way I live.

Once again sorry for the Rant but this just makes my blood boil.
Originally Posted by DRM Ventures View Post
This is all part of the wussification of this country. Would I care if I received a "Happy Hanukkah" and no.

I see story after story about businesses that drop the PC crap and their business booms.............that is the route I take. If you are offended by something like a Christmas Card then I can live without your money and without you. You will not survive when it really counts....

Oh I carry a concealed weapon as well...............does that offend you???
Just to be clear...nothing offends ME. I am not trying to change the world here, I am trying to make a living. I do what is in the best interest of the company. I think it's ridiculous that people give a sh$t about it, but I think some do. Happy hanakuh, festivus or anything else. I'm just not gonna send cards that I feel could be offensive.

You guys want to change the world and don't care if you offend people that believe differently...honestly, good for you! I love it. I bend over backwards for our customers. All I really care about is doing quality work and the bottom line on my tax return...if that means holding back on "christmas" cards, then that's what I'll do. If you dont need the money...I'll take it. Can you ever have too much?
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