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Dont try and start this business and live off the money for a while. I also live in a mostly Ag based area, you need the ability to do backhoe/mini ex type work and the grading/leveling type work. You will starve with only a skid steer. I have always had a lot of specialized skid steer attachments, its critical. Everyone has a skid steer these days, but they dont all have Preparators, concrete breakers, laser graders, trenchers and so on. Thats really where the money is. Sell the job not the machine (learned that one in the mid 90's when I first started). You might consider a compact loader backhoe instead of a skid steer. Its a long tough road and I don't envy you. I built a niche in which one did not exist. I have had to continue to evolve to stay alive. What works one year may not the next. If guys see you making money doing something, they will be in your market with a lower price as soon as possible. Thats why sometimes getting into niche areas that take a lot of capital like laser grading are great, because not everyone can afford to follow you. The likelyhood that you will succeed is not good. Most don't. You can do it but it will take money, desire, and the forsight to continually look for the next big area to jump into. You stay in one area and you will die where you stand.

Good luck.
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