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Grassmaster9 we both know what a great machine we are riding on. I imagine you get used to a certain way of driving, but my 2000Z is quite awesome.I'd get a 3000 if it came in a 52". I cut alot of tree lanes in the burbs and the 52 just fits without falling off the curb-saves me easy 5-10 min per lawn. Cut 75 lawns in 4 days each week this year (except when it rained). 2000Z was a real workhorse. Even swapped the blades out in the field this year to save time, just drove up about a foot on the trailer ramp.
Figured out the hydro crimp was leaking so replacing that. What are your thoughts on the 3100 , wheel motors, pumps, how to spot trouble and what have you had to replace.
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