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Where is Beaver?
The kinds of work that you may be able to do depends on where you live. You implied you would save up over the winter to get started in the spring/summer but if you live in an area where you get snow,then you may have opportunities to generate revenue this winter. Tell us a little more about where you live and the climate. You mention you live in a farming area. You might could do barn cleaning or hauling away horse poop which you could turn into good compost to resell.

I myself work a niche market real strong. I avoid the typical things some guys do(I may do them if asked but I don't go looking)and i have all of the equipment I need to do them. I capitalize on others stupidity and laziness to get business. Here's an example of one of the things I do. I have several commerical properties where I empty the trash cans and pick up the perimiter trash. generally I charge $30 a visit(I provide the trash bags) and I hit each property 2 to 3 times per week. At the end of the month I get about $600 for about 7 hrs worth of my time. It paid for my 350 and a dump trailer. I use those to haul off larger items that get illegally dumped like washing machines,pallets,crap and the prop. manager pays me extra for that. I use the trailer for mulch deliveries(7ton dump trailer BTW)or other things. You'll see guys all trying to mow the grass but can't patch a pothole or clean out a building or yard. They can't spread brine or ice melt or clean up a damaged tree. or blow leaves en masse.

tell me more about yr area and maybe I can give you some ideas on how to generate some business. In my business,the flyer idea didn't work and I'm not in the phone book. I have about 6 clients I do a lot of work for and others I do some for. I don't have employees but I can find help when I need it. I easily gross ove a 100k for the last 5 yrs and could probably do a lot more if I haveway tried just doing work no one will do.
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