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I tried to get on with the construction company's in town, no luck, but I do have friends I go and help when they need me. I tried to post this last night, but my computer didn't work. I live in the wonderful state of Utah, my town is about 200 miles south of salt lake city. About 2,200-2,500 people live here. We are just entering winter, had are first snow storm in a month and a half. When it starts snowing it doesn't stop until late March, early April. Some storms bring up to a foot of snow at a time. All of the stores but one have somebody plow their parking lots, so I am hoping I can plow theirs.

In the summer time the farmers want their stack yards cleaned, so they can stack their new crop of hay in it. There are many lots that are never cut that are buy our main street. Three of them are about 7-10 acres, and the grass and weeds get to about 3 feet tall and is very ugly. We also have a city wide clean up day when people take out trash( big tree limbs fence posts, ect) so the city workers can pick it up. There are a lot of houses that have bad concrete side walks and drive ways. It's so bad that you can see the sand that was put under the concrete. I do have experience in setting the forms, and everything else that goes along with pouring cement. Our city had a company come and put new water lines in. They had to dig in peoples yards, and after they were done, they just back filled the tench and didn't replace the grass with sod or seeds. So people have big brown lines in their yards. People also get a lot of wood chips or gravel and then have nothing to move it with.

In the fall people want their leaves and apples taken off their yards. Most of the people have about 4-5 trees in there yard. My neighbor let me use his dump truck to get the leaves off are yard and it took about 4 loads( he has low sideboards on his truck.)

If there is anything else, like what else I experience in, just ask. Or if you have any ideas that I could use tell me.
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