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I built our company website, currently in the middle of transferring our blog over. Yes it has paid off! BIG TIME! !

Having a business website can only increase sales. Personally we've been out of the phone book for the past almost 2 years and we've grown 23% in that period. I will never give up on fliers though, for this is how I got my biz off the ground. It really is an extra additive to get customers to your site.

Now website real talk. Is your phone ringing more than twice a day from customers needing your services? OK it's time to take the plunge man! FACE it...the phone book is dead!
You can most definitely build your own site or have someone who knows how to build one for you (like me) INTUIT has some good options, but would steer you more towards WordPress. AWESUM! ! !

Business owners like us need to stick together and give each other tips & help during these uncertain times. I know it sounds like a sales job(well that's part of my job) but if you want a really good website built cheap, good luck with that. If you want a great website built for a discounted cost, simply because your in the same niche as I, contact me when you're ready. Bryan Ring
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