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I would definately recommend a web site. I think these days everyone needs one at least unless you have more business than you can handle.

The landscaping side of my business is a little different than yours likely is. I only do hydroseeding.

When I first started I spent about 7 grand running ads in every penny saver within 40 miles and a few newpapers. That generated about 7 grand in business. Not a good move.

Then I went with a yellow page ad in 3 or 4 books for $ 200.00 a month or so and that got me 3 or 4 calls a month in season.

At that time any time I saw a new house under construction I would stop and leave a flyer.

Then I got a listing with the hydroseeding assoc which only cost me $ 100.00 and that got me far more business than the others.

Then I added a web site and coupled with the membership my phone rings off the hook. I would say I now get about 120 calls a year for hydroseeding. Before the web site it was probably 40 from the association. A small percentage comes from word of mouth but the web site made a really big difference. They can see what my services are and see photos of my jobs and the types of jobs I do. It is just a great showcase for your services.

Even if you do your own it is worth it but having a good site is important. My cost for the web site is virtually nothing.

Personally I would not trade a web site for 1000 door hangers and really would hate to go out and hang 1000 door hangers.
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