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Originally Posted by AintNoFun View Post
you'd be surprised what GCs will let people do.. if they think they can get 50 grand worth of free work outta him before they throw him off the job they'll do it in a minute!

Like someone said. Most large GCs are not stupid. They may be difficult, they may be strategic, they may squeeze the snot out of you, but on their end, theyre not stupid.

Something doesnt smell good if they are soliciting a bid from someone that doesnt have the first clue what they are doing.

Either they already know who is doing the job and just need another bid to satisfy the paperwork.


They are going to hold your hand through the project and soak you for all the free labor they can get.


They dont know you dont know what you are doing but will find out soon enough

I am the first one to dive in on a huge project way over my head. By that I mean something that is big, complicated, exceeds my current capacity, but a field that I know, and it just requires me to make a plan to pull it off.

With my little operation I would bid a sealcoating job to seal the entire US Interstate system, if it came across my desk.

But its a field I know. I would have to go to the ends of the earth to do a job like that.

What you are talking about, you dont even have a basic knowledge of the types of tasks you are bidding on. Youre dealing with infrastructure, underground utilities, inspections, codes, warranties.

You dont have to do the entire job yourself, you can even sub most of it out, but you need to have a basic understanding to know what you are talking about.

Not having that, I would pass on the job, or see if it can be broken up allowing you to bid on the parts of the job that you do know about.

Ive done this with really big jobs before myself. Where sealcoating is a portion of a major paving, excavating, drainage, type project.

Ive had the GC separate out the areas I specialize in and award me the work.
Ive also stayed in touch on the project and contacted the contractor that was awarded the job, and got the work that way.

But I wouldnt bid the whole project not knowing what i was talking about.

Youre bidding on building a house and asking whether or not you will need a hammer.
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