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Originally Posted by AintNoFun View Post
you'd be surprised what GCs will let people do.. if they think they can get 50 grand worth of free work outta him before they throw him off the job they'll do it in a minute!
yeah, im one of the gullible dumbasses who got screwed over like this because i took on something way over my head. I like to challenge myself with different aspects of the business however when it comes to projects where i am way out of my boundaries i step away.

You wouldn't install a foundation for a house just because you can play with concrete would you? This project needs someone with years of experience on it. However!! if the project has enough room for a large profit margin you can always factor in an engineer to be on site during the project to oversee everything. Also it would be smart to bring in some help to estimate the project out.

--example: - the drainage on section d-3 (blueprint grid) is to include 30 hours work, 45 yards fill dirt, 100 feet 12" concrete pipe... blahblahblah.. state how much everything will cost, per man hour ext... if a job is underbid you need to do a change of work order form, never do anything without a signature saying its ok to add the work. On large projects i have a time keeper and my employees have to punch in every time they start working and punch out every time they leave the job site. Go to office max and get a storage clipboard, a couple of manila folders, and all the carbon copies for organizing projects. You would do yourself a favor by replacing your spot on the labor force with someone else and then you stand around and take notes all day and make sure everything is running smoothly.

good luck
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