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I used to jump on them, but have decided not to take them anymore, and I don't have anywhere near a full schedule. I do have a couple of "vacation" mows, and I will continue to do those, but not any more of the "my mower is broken" or "I just haven't had time" deals. For one thing, I find that virtually all of them want an estimate first, so, I have to either swing by while out mowing, or make an extra trip to give them a quote. Then in at least 60% of the cases, I don't get the job anyway, so I have totally wasted my time and gasoline.

These are different than someone wanting a cleanup, then regular maintenance. I've gained several new accounts this way, but have yet to ever get a regular customer from any of the others I've done. From now on, if they make it clear they aren't looking for regular service, I'm just going to thank them for calling and tell them I can't do it.
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