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Originally Posted by AlohaMowing View Post
I think a lot of people use the request for a one-time mowing as a way to evaluate the service. If they like the way it goes, they will sign a contract. They figure if they don't like it, they will be free to give someone else a try.

When I'm approached for a one-time mow I always charge at least double the normal rate, but let them know that if they sign a contract within 2 weeks the second mowing will be free.
I think you might be right, I never thought of doing it that way, I just charge as I stated earlier if it just needs to be cut, I charge a small up charge, but if its over grown I double it and explain its a double cut. I also have the conversation with people about how much it would cost to cut regularly - and I always define regularly as at my discreation I tell I don't cut grass just to cut grass it has to look nice and if its been dry I will skip them, and if I have a property that say the back yard is direct sun light and the front spot shade so growth in the front and absolutely none in the back or one whole side, I will bill them accordingly. I would say most of the time I will get agreement right then or they will call me in a couple of days and ask me to begin work.
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