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Originally Posted by srl28 View Post
What do you use/do for scheudling and billing? Advertising?
Scheduling is done the old fashion way...We have that big dry erase board in the foremans conference room that has 2 weeks worth of schedules on it. Everything is hand written up on a work order. Currently...and thank god...we are scheduled out through 2014 for large install jobs and only accepting small local jobs as "fill in" work. Our billing is done through Quickbooks, but without our Office Manager working 50 hours a week it would never get done. She is a life saver! Advertising has never been something we have done. We have never run an ad in any publication or used signs. Our trucks obviously have our name and number on them, but until a few weeks ago we didnt even have our website up and running. We have sponsored a few golf tournaments in the area, but most of our marketing is word of mouth and through long lasting relationships with the right people. I try and have lunch with a different person each day, whether it be a property manager, developer or even a homeowner.
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