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There are many different lease programs out there so one can not say if it is good or bad until the details are out.

Here is my experience.

Lease with ownership at end of lease. That says it all. I make payments over 34 months at the end the mower is mine.

Pro's: Easy to get (took three minutes), don't need to worry about interest rate changes, get the mower at the end of the lease, and lease payment 100% wrote off.

Con's: If you figure the rate of the lease it has about 10% interest rate (compare cost to write off), if you pay it off early you don't pay less (unlike a interest loan).

Going to the bank for a loan. 2yr loan.

Pro's: Lower interest rate (around 6%), build relationship with bank, if you pay more your costs of the loan go down (less interest), and you own the mower.

Con's: More paperwork to get and a meeting (maybe 2 hrs of time), deprication tables etc can be confusing (I just let the accountant deal with it).
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