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Wow, James this is weird, in fact it's uncanny. Both your new precision fixtures are like our new generation Top Dog and new Tree light/downlight that we have been working on for a long time and are formally releasing shortly. Although I am disappointed at their similarity, all I can say is I guess great minds think alike. Then again it is not that surprising as the adjustable glare guard makes a lot of sense.

I must give credit where it's due... was first done (as far as I know) by the Big Smoky (Lightcraft) by Eric Sassower and his partner Bruce Dennis. We made changes and updates and did our version with the Top Dog, and now we are doing a second generation (complete redesign)).

I normally don't picture our CAD drawings or show new items until they are in stock for sale, however in this case I have to so you are aware that we did not copy you (nor you us).

Your "category killer" is very nice. I like it. Our focus was to make it impossible for water to enter, give the installer complete glare control with a very large adjustable glare guard, to enable wide 60 degree beam spreads (even with the glare guard extended), be LED ready, and be adjustable in infinite increments in all directions.

Differences i see between the prevent water from leaking down the lead wire (because even pressure fittings can fail) we have it enter from below (water will never go up the wire). Our knuckle is not connected internally so no water can enter the fixture thru the knuckle. Our glare guard can be adjusted in and out like our Top Dog fixture so you can control the amount of glare protection. The glare guard is very long and flared. It is both LED compatible with its heat fins. I don't want to give away all our secrets (and had no intention of showing this) so I will only show the Downlight for now. But I will say our new top Dog looks very similar to your new up light.

I would normally not post our fixture in the same thread as where you posted your fixture, nor compare them. However in this case because they are so similar, we have been working on it for a year, I want to make sure that it was not perceived that we saw yours and produced a similar item.

Good luck with your new line and welcome to the world of fixture manufacturing.


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