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It's no surprise VOLT makes its fixtures made overseas just like every other significant landscape lighting manufacturer except Vista (as far as I know). I know nothing about James fixtures (except that he used to lambast chinese made fixtures before he became a manu dig dig joke joke )... However I personally sketched our fixture design completely from scratch (not a copy or redo of an existing sample or product). Made several generations of changes, CNC one off samples made molds made etc.. I have a close relationship with our factory (in fact was just there 4 weeks ago) and have a dedicated floor of the building. Now it is possible that my factory 're-used my design' but I truly doubt it. The reason is James was discussing his design way back before he was a sponsor so he's been working on his a long time also. Also since I posted, I realized they are not all that similar. I thought James fixture had an adjustable glare guard, a separe piece that moves. he doesn't, his is fixed. I really do think it is a coincidence about our fixtures.

I don't want to make too much of it. I'm proud of our fixtures and James look like very nice quality as well. I called James right after posting-- he's on vacation and we are good. I bet they are both incredible quality and values. VOLT listened to contractors to design ours, and James is a contractor so he knows what needed to be done as well. It's crazy to think the to this point it's been hard to find a tree downlight that was both water proof (always/guaranteed) and had glare protection and enabled full wide BAB beam spreads. I think it's great that contractors and the industry will be getting improvements.
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