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After renting the trench master a couple of times I went ahead and bought one... good investment. Handy machine...

Also,... My step-brother, who used to be my main crew foreman is looking for work. He is fully capable of handling every aspect of lawn maint., landscape install, 'light' hardscapes, (I did not do many big landscape / hardscapes)... , hydro-seeding, managing a crew, just about any piece of equipment you can imagine, ....

If your in the KC area let me know and I will arrange contact.


Also, I used to work the Raymore area... I had quite a bit of residential success.. 5 years ago there were not many commercial lots but I have noticed new comm. development recently... My best account was a residential off 'J' hwy, and Lucy Webb... 35 minutes for a crew to mow, blow, and trim.... $200 per cut, weekly no matter the growing conditions, twice weekly in spring growing season. Paid on time, every time... The home owner was more than glad to pay such an over-bid just to insure the job would get done.
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