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I haven't had any problems with fuel in my equipment whether it is line trimmers blowers or my bad boy zero turn. I we reading some of the earlier posts and i am just a little unsure as to what is really going on here. Apparently there is a higher quality fuel provider? which companies would those be?
Also i maybe reading this wrong but some of the posts talk about using the low grade fuel 87 octane compared to the mid grade 89 or high grade 93 levels of octane. The difference in the fuels is actually opposite of most of the arguments presented. The Higher levels of fuel contain more ethanol than the low grade.
Certain engines (mainly air cooled engines) can create hot spots and cause the fuel to ignite prematurely or detonate or knock. The way they changed that a long time ago was to put additives in the fuels typically ethanol. Ethanol Changes the volatility of the gas. With ethanol it takes more pressure to make the fuel detonate, therefore ensuring that it doesn't knock or tear up your engine. Unless you are running a diesel engine you want the fuel as controlled as possible so that your spark plug is what ignites the fuel. you do not want your engine detonating while the piston has not yet reached the top of its stroke, because if it does, it will try to push that piston back down the wrong way and cause serious problems to your engines.
Although I read the other posts or primer bubbles and gas lines corroding and have not yet had that happen, those are sooo cheap to replace i would much rather replace a primer bubble than the engine.
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