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Christmas Decor

Hey guys question for all of you that are Christmas Decor people.

I was just on their website - obviously after the best LED products I can get my hands on. Anyhow, their franchise costs are amazingly lower than they were last time I thought about this.

Can anyone give me an honest opinion on what they feel about CDI. As some of you have seen the past couple years - especially this year has really been a bit of a pain in the neck. This year, I experienced 0 yup, that is a zero for new residential growth. Actually is you read my thread from yesterday, I downsized, but that is another story. Now truth be told, the only thing I did for advertising was strictly the HBL direct mail program, which at first seemed like it was going to be successful again, but produced strictly tire kickers. A few of you have been so very kind in guiding me along my path to this point, Dave, Bryan come right to mind of the bat. After this season, I am actually taking a true step back and evaluation where I am at. Now don't get me wrong, I did pick up a new commercial client, and that was great, but it was a referral from an existing client. Three years into it, I am still only at about $35k this year. Of that $35k, I would say 80% is commercial - which I love, not so crazy about residential. I am at the point where either i need to have some serious growth next season so I can afford to add a full install crew, or stay where I am. Right now, we have one left to do and as I noted yesterday, still waiting on the renewal. It really is becoming a total pita dealing with these residential clients I have. I know for sure, I can not do any more myself. MY son is able to hop in on occasion and is a tremendous help, but he is still in school and I will not have him lose his education to help me.

I am feeling like I am missing something though, and I think it was in the training. There was very little sales training/marketing at the HBL training I went to. Great hands on portion, great introduction to product, but not alot of sales/marketing. Dave has mentioned numerous times about Christmas Decor's training.
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