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Also i maybe reading this wrong but some of the posts talk about using the low grade fuel 87 octane compared to the mid grade 89 or high grade 93 levels of octane. The difference in the fuels is actually opposite of most of the arguments presented. The Higher levels of fuel contain more ethanol than the low grade.
Absolutely not true. The amount of ethanol has nothing to do with the octane and it's not an anti-knock additive like lead was. Its required by law to be no more than 10% for any E10 fuel and is simply thrown in the tank truck at the fuel terminal to be mixed with the gasoline as it all slosshes around on route to the gas station. The only reason it's added is because the government wants the dumb ass public to think we are doing something about foreign oil while they subsidize corn producers. They couldn't give a s*** if it damages our equipment and vehicles. This is purely political and has no benefit other than a negative one.

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