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Well, I think I am the only Christmas Decor that posts here, I am sure there are one or two that probably I will answer.

First, I left you a voicemail a little bit ago so give me a buzz when you can. I know I have talked to you a bit about it but have not had a ton of time to really go in depth

The initial investment looks pretty enticing, much less than what I bought in for 7 1/2 years ago...but then again so is HBL....

Material is hands down some of the best out there, costs are usually less than most competitors and the quality is almost always better.

Marketing is very good, great informational material and exceptional prices from the print company, I am not a fan of direct mail, but the pricing is great.

The website has a great presence and I get great leads off of it, most of them are serious and not tire kickers. Some of my biggest jobs have come from the CDI website.

There is a great staff with CDI, there is always someone that can answer questions and help you out, or at the very least get you in touch with the person that can.

Sometimes the protected territory is great, other times it sucks...

I hate the royalty payments, but I can usually justify them by looking at the support, ongoing training and savings on product and marketing materials, as well as the leads and sales generated by the website.

Like every relationship there are ups and downs, good and bad.

There is a lot more to it and I am more than willing to go over it on the phone.

Good luck
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