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Originally Posted by emby View Post
Hey Steve,

I have been very happy with the Cast tree light. I have and still use many of them in a large tree application.
I have had some moments when it has been a challange to reduce the glare that is being created from the inside of the shroud.
Is there any way to paint or dull this portion of the shroud at the factory?


Ken, thanks, it's a good idea and we've considered it - quite a bit of extra time and labor involved - not a simple matter to prep the surface, apply paint or stain evenly to the inside of shroud, then be concerned with chipping, flaking, or scratching the surface over the life of the fixture.

If you want to do it yourself, the best way to get a durable layer of flat black oxidation is to apply a solution of ammonia, liver of sulphur, and spreader/sticker. You can find the procedure and sources for the ingredients in this article.
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