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Originally Posted by Cat_246B View Post
Thanks bighornjd. When spring comes i'm going to start trying to get jobs form people and it will give me time to save money during the winter. I know it will be along hard road. I might have something lined up for spring already. Maybe after that I will get more business.....hopefully. I was wondering if $225 a day is a good rental price for a mini ex and $175 for a skid. And its $50 for another attachment. Thanks
Pricing sounds about right depending on size of the skid or mini ex. There are two kinds of rental companies, the ones greared towards homeowner DIY'ers and the the ones geared toward renting to contractors. The ones geared towards contractors usually have the better rates because they will usually give contractors a discount over retail renters. They usually also give discounts for extaneded use. For example most the companies around here, if you rent for 4 days it is cheaper to rent for the full week (7 days), if you need to rent for 3 weeks then it is usually cheaper to rent for the full month (30 days) it works good if you have a job where you know you'll need the machine 4 days, then you get it for the extra 3 at no addition cost, you can take an extra day on the site if needed or use the extra three days to schedule another job.

One thing I will worn you about with renting and comparing prices is to check on their full day rental policy. i rented from one place and picked up at 7am, turns out after i picked it up I found out their dayly rental means it must be returned by 5pm and not 24 hours. Another company I rented from did 24 hours for full day rentals but they checked the hour meeter and if you put more than 8hrs on the machine then you were charged an additonal day.
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