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[QUOTE=supercuts;4241744][QUOTE=tony b;4239423]When we do curbside cleanup i use it, even though we spend almost 20% of our time unclogging the pickup tube. QUOTE]

then there is a problem. if it is clogging where it attaches to the metal sleave at the vac then the rubber hose is pushed on too far. debris get caught there and gives you a headache. slide the rubber hose almost off and tighten the hell out of it. it wont clog much if any like that.

then, vac is the way to go. at 34 years old I couldnt image using a tarp. we dont even use push blowers anymore, i have a big 16z blower attached behind my ZTR and i cut and blow at the same time. efficiency is everything. if your not efficient mowing and blowign you cant make much money[/Q
I am sure everyone has different circumstances. When we do curbside pickup I meant it was for customers outside our normal customer base that we do a one time pickup for. Which typically means they have laid there a couple of weeks and are wet. The tube clogs not from fault of the machine but from wet leaves.
I also find our 20hp Billy to be what I call slow. Our city recently quit doing curbside clenup. I am used to watching a machine that is capable of picking up massive amounts of leaves in seconds (80hp). While we are standing there for what seems like forever trying to get a truck loaded even with dry leaves.
My customers are charged a flat monthly rate for lawns (mowing leaf cleanup) but shrubs, mulch etc. is extra. I have been in business for 27 years but admit to being a little new when it comes to truckloaders (2yrs). To get right to the point we had a test today. 6 guys, 3 in each yard side by side. Both fairly equal on leaves (bradford pear) A was shredded and tarped in the back while B was plowed and blown to the curb and vaced. Guess who won by a wide margin? A of course, A was at the curb slightly ahead of B and B was still being sucked up by the vac. It just seems when you push leaves at the tube with a leaf plow or even a snow shovel it just wont handle it and once again the tube is clogged. Maybe I expect too much from this machine but to me its just slow. Yes it is a physically harder job with a tarp etc but it is faster in almost every situation that I have. Maybe I should spend way more than I want to on a larger vac..... Nah I'll just probably keep doing it the bonehead way lol.
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