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Originally Posted by thunderthud View Post
I don't know a fraction of what you're bidding and it frightens me.

Sewer pipe is laid with a laser. Do you have one? Experience running one? You need to set the slope correctly or the entire system is screwed. You can set it by transit, but even that is tricky.

Drainage, you gloss over the trench. A 6 foot deep trench needs to either be shored or be sloped back at the appropriate angle. Are you a laborer capable of setting shoring and setting pipe while the operator is above you? Ground level isn't an answer, it is subgrade, finish grade, some other grade?

How deep are the cuts actually? 6 foot deep in one part could be 20 feet deep in another.

What are the conditions under the site? Is there ledge? Do you have a contract with Maine Drilling and Blasting? Do you have a hammer or access to a hammer on short notice?

How are you bedding the pipe? I usually use a loader. In tight spots I have to use a bedding box. Do you have one or access to one? Did you estimate how much bedding you'll actually need on site and how you're getting it all there?

You mention catch basins. When I hear that, and think how big are the structures? On my commercial building sites I set structures with a R924 Liebherr zero swing and it struggles with some of them, sometimes I have to use a R944 which is a vastly larger machine requiring a oversize lowbed move. If you get in over your head with this, you will lose your shirt with just one machine move.

In another thread I said I only sub out two things, I was wrong I sub three: Paving being the third. You hire pros to do asphalt work. There is a talent to doing it right. Patching, I'll do. Curb to curb is always the same guy.

Oh yeah, curbing. Is there curbing? Have you ever set curbing? There is another dance between man and machine that takes experience to do it quickly and correctly.

If you're asking questions like this, you've probably never done this kind of site work. But you simply cannot get big commercial work with no experience doing it. You will get run over.

You can, however, look for smaller work like foundations and sidewalks to get your foot in the door. Once you've done a lateral sewer connection, then you've got some sewer experience. Go take the Presby EnviroSeptic class and get certified to do that system. They'll teach you some great basics you can put to use.

At this point you need knowledge, not work that will swamp you. I never like telling someone you can't do it. But for your own security, you can't do it. At best you'll do amateur work and the GC will seize your bond, at worst you're being used as another bid in the packet to drive down prices.

Impressive reply. Great read. And sound advice.
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