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I was pumped when I bought my Nissan Titan because it was flex fuel and growing up my grandpa farmed and I figured I would help the farmer out some running E85. Well the first day I got it I was going on a trip and stopped on the way and filled up on E85 and was shocked. I only averaged 9.7 mpg on the interstate running 75 with the cruise set. This being the first time I had tested it I was hoping I didn't get this bad on regular fuel. I have tried running it three or four other times since then with the same results. On regular 87 I average about 15.5 mpg. So my fuel drops more than 30%. I did the math and to make it equal it would need to be like $0.70 a gallon cheaper to break even. Around here it only runs may $0.30 a gallon so it is not even close to being worth it to me.
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